2 in 1 BB Glow (Skin Lightening + Contour) Course

" Foundation, Concealer, Blush for a year " - BB Glow procedure process.


Other Benefits


  • Concealer, Contour  and Blush Effect.
  • Lightening Face and Body Skin.
  • Camouflaging/Lightening Dark spots under eyes (pigmentation) or any parts as under arms, bikini area etc.
  • Freckles, age spots lightening.
  • The procedure has no seasonal restrictions.
  • Suitable for women and men
  • Prevents excess melanin production by UV rays
  • Does not clog pores, unlike foundation
  • Brightens the skin
  • Does not contain vitamin C
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Not tattoo pigments!

You need BB Glow treatment if you have:

✔ Age spots
✔ Dark spots under arms, bikini area
✔ Dark spots on finger bones, toe bones
✔ Pigmented spots
✔ Uneven skin tone
✔ Couperosis
✔ Freckles
✔ Traces of acne
✔ Dark circles under the eyes

As a result, you will receive:

✔ Blemish cover
✔ Instant Brightening
✔ Unobstructed pores
✔ Contour of Face, Concealer Effect
✔ Effect of light BB cream
✔ Matte tone, the face does not shine
✔ Smooth skin microrelief
✔ Edema decreases
⛔ no injections
⛔ no pain

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This is a tone-up & brightening & regeneration ampoule, this treatment is developed by DM.Cell together with its 30-years experience researchers and skin experts of skin care and semi-permanent makeup. This treatment is known on TV, magazine, SNS channels and has spread rapidly all around the world and gained popularity in 50 different countries like USA, South America and European Countries.

6 Major Steps of Education

STEP # 1

Every student receives the kit with Lessons to their home in their country by express shipment and firstly study lectures/lessons by correspondent way at home in order to understand the practical part easily and minimize time on theory where instead we maximize on Practice during our Live Online Course.


Our Extraordinary Patented 3D EXPLANATION of work using Realistic 3D items for better understanding which student will observe and learn at Live online course through computer/iPad device at the same time with our present students in our academy who come from different countries of the world to us, this way of learning will assist to memorize much faster in folds and very effectively.

The English Idiom says: »LEARN SOMETHING OFF BY HEART» which means learn something in such a way that you can say it from memory and this is what we highly believe works for our students who can memorize based on 3D EFFECTS or unusual ITEMS EASILY and PRODUCTIVELY.

STEP # 2

After learning lectures/theory (passing step 1) our Student joins Full 1 Day course for Practical part online (convenient date can be chosen on choice) where can see our present students in our School as to observe it Live always more fun, than just only boring way of study one-to-one with a device, new friends from allover the world and interesting to compare own results with other students who present in our Academy while we put student’s hand right during procedures where start slowly to get used to its movements and feel confident to work in different variations.


STEP # 3

« Hard work beats any talent when Talent doesn't work hard »

Practice, practice, practice one more time practice on LIVE models.

While Our Students whole Day Practice on Live models inside our academy all our Online Students attentively observe their process through online, focusing on their practice and frequently making mistakes which their colleagues/classmates are doing where the trainer continues to explain Beginner Usual Mistakes in order to avoid them in Future. Watching how other Students handle their first models Live through online devices but LIVE provides our online students feel more Confident and gain useful knowledge.
After which they can rewatch all the same from A-Z.


STEP # 4

Every Student like a child, must have 2 wings: mother and father to feel strong and confident.

We provide our right wing of unlimited support lifelong to our Student in an online community where he/she can continue to grow, study and ask any questions related his/her future Clients talking and discussing with their colleagues from different countries mistakes, new trends, marketing tips or any difficult cases…

But before Joining our Secret Closed 1st Beauty Academy Community Group our online student after finishing to study lectures at home + our LIVE ONLINE 1 Full Day Practical Course training with real present students must do next to receive International Certificate 2 in 1 Basic + Advanced Level.

Practice 1 to 1 with our Online top master through online Live Meetings as well who will check

  1. The fake dummy doll works as right movement on skin, the right hand movement and work on all mistakes together.
  2. Check the short videos of Student work on Live Model which the student must send to Master how he/she is working in process within some period of time till the work would not be appropriate to start to Work in this lucrative business and start to Accept Clients.

In order to make every client being Happy, purchasing a package and recommend this procedure to all friends, relatives around.


If the Student from other country-(always they must keep in mind) if any day/year they travel to Dubai they are welcome to Arrive any time in our Academy - Our doors are always opened and our FAMOUS STRAWBERRY 🍓 MONDAYS are always waiting for our students to come over for any doubts, meetings with their Master-Trainer or just spread positive mood of coming week together and share new ideas which going Around…


STEP # 5

(NO END to Opportunities)

Our Online student must Join our LIVE ONLINE Marketing Lesson with real present students who arrive in our Academy for Marketing and gain latest tricks/life-hacks on how to have more followers from social medias organically, what in market works what does not, how to make Mouth of talk starts to work for you, what marketing instrument is currently the best and how operate it by yourself without assistance of any marketing companies at the beginning of your career, how to make best photo-shooting, how start to earn a lot and be able to close deals easily with hundreds of clientele requirements.

Our Student continues to practice and when is willing ready -love his/her job, being a good person and being able to do works perfectly -have an opportunity to join our 1st WORLD Beauty Academy Worldwide to be for example our ambassador in his/her country or work/collaborate with us on very interesting profitable conditions, franchise the company worldwide to be trained to become a trainer of our Academy in student’s country and participate with us in all Worldwide Congress/Conference/Competitions and one day even might be -Become a judger of Competition like many of our students have achieved.


STEP # 6

VISIT VISIT and one more time COME OVER to our YEARLY « NEW YEAR 🎉 or CHRISTMAS Party 🎄 🎅 « for more new friends, trying tasty festival treats, sharing new marketing ideas, funny memorable times with our Students who usually visit in lovely Christmas costumes for funny photos and having magical celebration time flying from all over the world, playing Raffles and many more S S S……. Definitely, finally, our custom-make the conclusion of the year-choosing the most active Student and GROUP of the YEAR which has lots of advantages with us in terms of career development !

P.S. All our Online Students will be informed about yearly Parties through secret closed groups and any year any time can join it feeling themselves in our place like at home.

💥Besides, any online student has the right lifelong to visit at least 1 day of Live training inside our academy anytime he/she arrives in Dubai UAE for free ,just informing us in advance in order to offer the date of the same course.



2 in 1 BB Glow (Skin Lightening + Contour) Course
For a Limited Time!

Course Includes


Generous Kit Includes brand known serum, Derma Pen device-machine, cartridges for many clients and many additional needful staff for work.



🏆 That is what we are PROUD to say-We are the 1 st and SINGLE UAE Beauty Academy which has the right to Issue the ADVANCED Level of International Certificate(not Just Basic) and Accredited  by USA and UAE Government Bodies.

Our Students can prove Worldwide that they study in a licensed school as they have their OWN BARCODE in Government Website in both Arabic and English languages.

Marketing Material

Flyers and marketing material to advertise your new services.


Reliable Support

3 in 1

  1. Lectures/Theory of Both levels Basic+Advanced of all « Skin,Body Bbglow for Male and Female Guests+Face,Neck Concealer, Blush and Nose Contouring.
  2. Practice on 3 D item -Dummy Doll which would be added in kit and Live Model’s craft-master online supervision.
  3. Lifelong Unlimited Support after Course.


Consent Forms

All the client Consent Forms will be provided with the Kit and supportive consultation brochures for better explanation to the client.


Hands-On Training

Observe how Other Students work on models in our academy in class through online with the guidance of Trainer to avoid all similar future mistakes.


Marketing Tricks

How to market yourself to be successful in this field.


Students Frequently Asked Questions

Live Online 2 in 1 BB Glow (Skin Lightening + Contour) Course with Kit
From beginner to Advance Master
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