Brow Extension Course

Rated in Top 3 World Beauty Schools by Forbes for the fact our school has the longest history in the World and quantity of Champions our ex students became, for the latest beauty innovations and presenting always latest trends to the Planet, our Beauty Institute opened in 2013 own Brow Factory in Russia.
The greatest point is that it's possible to get retail (single product) the same as Wholesale.


We proved Scientifically that for longer result it requires exceptionally Baby THINNEST Hair which European people Have, due to this fact the idea was born in Set up SINGLE EUROPEAN Factory for its production as Asian hair, unfortunately, not durable for the *MICRONS -it’s thickness of each hair stroke which we deeply Study in our Academies and proved successfully to the World. Asian hair are amazing type for another kind of services.

The average human hair width ranges from 0.016 to 0.05mm. Human hair is incredibly thin, even thinner than a tiny fruit fly's eye.

This means that the micron-calibrated folks are measuring at precision levels that divide a human hair in about a hundred thicknesses which is a CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT part for Long-Lived Result which Clients pay for and expect to receive.

Our Brow Extension Product is like a ship which travels non stop in constant cruise worldwide from Australia to USA, Asia to Africa.

We are thrilled by the Fact, Thousands of Salons, Studios and Private Masters were trained by our World recognized Trainers around the Planet 🌎 and use our Legendary thinnest Brow hair product which became Best seller for the last 3 years for the 3D Look of Super Hyperrealistic Brows on the Face.
Later from October 2013 we partnered with one of the biggest suppliers in Korea for the Glue strong matches who is also a Leader in its Production and awarded for its quality.



Thin hairs beat thicker ones in strength test-LATEST RESEARCH 2019 Update


Researchers in California have discovered that thin hairs are stronger than thick hairs and able to endure greater tension before they snap. Tests of hairs from eight different mammals showed that thinner hairs tend to shear off, whereas thick hairs break cleanly – a discovery that could aid the design of bio-inspired materials.

Despite being four times thicker than human hair, elephant hair is only half as strong--that's just one finding from researchers studying the hair strength of many different mammals. Their work, appearing in a paper published December 11 in the journal Matter, shows that thin hair tends to be stronger than thick hair because of the way that it breaks.

We were very surprised by the result," says first author Wen Yang, a nanoengineering researcher at the University of California, San Diego. "Because, intuitively, we would think thick hair is stronger. Natural materials have undergone thousands of years of evolution, so to us, these materials are very well developed. We hope to learn from nature and develop synthetic products with comparable properties."

Previous studies have found that human hair has strength comparable to that of steel when adjusted for density. This is because of hair's hierarchical structure: human hair is composed of an outer layer called the cuticle that wraps around an inner cortex made of many small fibers linked by chemical bonds. Within each fiber, there are even smaller fibers embedded. This structural design allows hair, which is made of proteins, to be resistant to deformation.

Yang and her team, including researchers from the Meyers and Ritchie groups at University of California, San Diego, and University of California, Berkeley, were curious if hair from other animals shares similar characteristics. They collected hair samples from eight different mammals, including humans, bears, boars, horses, capybaras, javelinas, giraffes, and elephants. These hairs vary in thickness: human hair is as thin as 80 μm in diameter, while those of elephants and giraffes are over 350 μm in diameter.

The researchers tied individual strands of hair to a machine that gradually pulled them apart until they broke. To their surprise, they found thin hair was able to endure greater tension before it broke compared to thick hair. This also applied to hairs from the same species. For example, thin hair from a child was stronger than thicker hair from an adult.
Fascinating Microscopic Images Comparing Hair of Different Mammals Shows How Thicker Isn’t Always Stronger.

*_* Make your business stand out from the rest, by learning an innovative skill ,offering your clients the very latest natural look brow treatment.

To build a Brow Business Career we assist in all Ways as we Work & Collaborate with Students all over the world upon graduation.

Study with the First Creators of this Business ,Save plenty of Money on Product getting it from the Single European Factory in the World and Finally Work With us like hundreds Students around Globally.


6 Major Steps of Education

STEP # 1

Our Extra-Ordinary Patented 3D EXPLANATION of work using Realistic 3D items

The English Idiom says: »LEARN SOMETHING OFF BY HEART» which means learn something in such a way that you can say it from memory and this is what we highly believe works for our students who can memorize based on 3D EFFECTS or unusual ITEMS EASILY and EFFECTIVELY.

Students will study first lectures/theory through videos/text which include 3D Items for easier understanding and preparation for next step as Practical Part.


STEP # 2 

Practice on Dummy Dolls, Mannequin to put student’s hand right when learning specific techniques.

Student receives a kit and practices it thoroughly to make it ideal, sending the homework to the Craft master for Evaluation.


STEP # 3

« Hard work beats any talent when Talent does not work hard »

Practice, practice, practice one more time practice on LIVE models.

Students sends his/her homework of the model by photos or short videos to Craft master for Final Evaluation and Certification.


STEP # 4

Every Student like a child, must have 2 wings: mother and father to feel strong and confident.

We provide our right wing of unlimited support lifelong to our Student in online community where he/she can continue to grow, study and ask any questions related his/her future Clients. Besides that, Our doors are always opened and our FAMOUS STRAWBERRY 🍓 MONDAYS are always waiting for our students to come over for any doubts, meetings with their Master-Trainer or just spread positive mood of coming week together and share new ideas which going Around …..


STEP # 5

(NO END to Opportunities)

Our Student continues to practice and when is ready -joins our 1st WORLD Beauty Academy Opportunities Worldwide to be our ambassador in his/her country or work/collaborate with us on very interesting profitable conditions, franchise the company worldwide to be trained to become a trainer of our Academy and participate with us in all Worldwide Congress/Conference/Become a judger of Competition.


STEP # 6

VISIT VISIT and one more time COME OVER to our YEARLY « NEW YEAR 🎉 🍾 or CHRISTMAS 🎅 Party « for more new friends, trying tasty festival treats, sharing new marketing ideas, funny memorable time with our Students who usually visit in lovely Christmas costumes for funny photos and having magical celebration time flying from all over the world, playing Raffles and many more S S S……. Definitely, finally, our custom-make the conclusion of the year-choosing the most active Student and GROUP of the YEAR which has lots of advantages with us in terms of career development !


Brow Extension Course

What Makes Us Different in the Market of Permanent Make UP WORLD and why do we have the biggest quantity of Students?

1.  The longest Course in Brow Extension Industry in worldwide market as “PRACTICE MAKES PEFECT” The Single Academy which Provides ADVANCED LEVEL of Education FREE aside of BEGINNER LEVEL (Student can cover any difficult cases and correct mistakes of bad done work even if she/he starts from the scratch studies with us)

    “Pay only for Beginner Level, Get Advanced Level FREE” and all techniques in 1 Course.


    2.  The First European Brow Factory of Thinnest Hair which scientifically proved by latest Researches the strongest one became a BESTSELLER and give the opportunity for only our own students worldwide to get lower price from the First hands straight from Factory.
    The Tour to Factory is also available with advance booking.

    3.  School Patented (2014) Extra-Ordinary but Effective 3D Way of Education based on 3D items which are the most memorable and resultative in easier understanding during practice.
    4.  Patented Innovative Way of Learning through ONLINE but LIVE, no more just boring recorded videos. We provide 2 in 1 Recorded + Observing the current group of students in our Dubai Academy offsite training through Online device from any Country of the World.
    5.  Advanced Level of International Certificate UAE + USA because we work with Top Worldwide Masters and Highest quality of Product.

    6.  Opportunity to Work and Collaborate with us even if a student is from another country especially after our Supportive Marketing Lesson which we provide as a Gift 🎁
    Hundreds of our Students became Worldwide champions in international Competitions, owners of Salons, Studios, Beauty Centers, opened Franchising.🥇 🏆

    Why Advanced level is a MUST BE?

    The target of any new Master is not to lose any new Guest, to gain name in Market where we should not forget not every client comes to us with perfect brows without defects and to be able to cover any difficult cases, Huge Asymmetry, correction of previous bad done work by master or simply lost of brows because of alopecia,cancer deseases,scars on brows,To be able to do it requires long-lasting experience and many mistakes which our Masters had done, studied on them and now ready to open all their tips, secrets, life hacks and conclusions which they have done so far being in the Market.

    The Goal of professional master is that any Client must come back after some period to repeat the service again, advise their friends, relatives as greatest service, indeed, it always happens when Master serves individually each Guest knowing all techniques and be able to choose right one in appropriate way for particular case,resort to different types of glues depending on each individual case,therefore, this work always would be Long-lasting, that's what clients expect as far as it is
    Due to this Fact, every student must take it seriously and realise it is responsible work which requires deeply to be involved and concentrate on every aspect advancing their level then simple just basic knowledge.

    Take the unique brand New service as Brow career to the next level with our all inclusive 2 in 1 (Beginner + Advanced levels) where the study covers ALL techniques for MALE Eyebrow extension and FEMALE Brow Extension + Marketing Lesson “1Million Brow Master “.

    We provide generous kits together with a course and toppest grade worldwide branded products.
    Our comprehensive training is top rated with the best reviews. Our priority is the success of our students with unmatched Lifelong support after Course.

    “Education is only the Gift which no one can take away from you”

    Course Includes


    Generous Kit Includes brand known thinnest Lash extension of short and long stroke hair for different techniques, Adhesive glue, Tweezers, drying lotion and many additional needful staff for work.



    🏆 That is what we are PROUD to say-We are the 1st and SINGLE UAE Beauty Academy which has the right to Issue the ADVANCED Level of International Certificate (not Just Basic) and Accredited  by USA and UAE Government Bodies.

    Our Students can prove Worldwide that they study in a licensed school with different accreditations.


    Marketing Material

    Flyers and marketing material to advertise your new services.


    Reliable Support

    3 in 1

    1. Unlimited Support for any professional Advises of future clients or brow business in closed Secret Group.
    2. Opportunity to Work & Collaborate with each other -many different options.
    3. Brow extension Product is from our Own First European Brow Factory to get for much cheaper rate than for other retailers or wholesalers and then price in Market for similar quality.


    Consent Forms

    All the client Consent Forms will be provided with the Kit and supportive consultation brochures for better explanation to the client during consultation.


    Hands-On Training

    Work on live models with the guidance of trainer - Send videos/photos while working on model for Correction of the hand set ,result and final evaluation.


    Marketing Tricks

    How to market yourself to be successful in Brow Extension Field.




    • ONLINE FORM Fill out our easy online registration form and streamline your application process. Our admissions department will review your information and get in touch to finalize the process.It can be done through the website.
    • PHONE CALL Have a one-on-one phone meeting with one of our friendly admissions advisors and they will work with you to determine the optimal course load for your education and the best financing options for you.
    • TAKE A TOUR in our academy or Online Zoom meeting Tour -Book a tour through what’s up or website of our luxurious facilities of Academy or Factory and meet with one of our admissions advisors who will take you through the school, sit down with you to understand if you have a vision and this business for you to review the best options to get your career started.