Cosmetology Course “VIP Master”

10 Professions in 1 Course!

A course is for those who want to make good money without having a medical education! NO MEDICAL EDUCATION REQUIRED! Replacing injections with innovative methods - You will be trained by leading cosmetologists trained in the USA and Russia who will train you about LATEST INNOVATIONS in the field of cosmetology! You will also learn how to make profit in cosmetology without investing huge sums in devices.

Over 13 years of work in the international Beauty market, we have reached the TOP of the best according to all winning awards.

Students come to us from all over the world to study where thousands of them opened their own studios, even franchising companies, clinics, salons, students who became top masters, achieved fame & name worldwide, We prepare strong and confident Beauty masters.


Do you know WHY?

If you wish to grow fast and make a name - always offer something which no competitor still does, Always offer only the latest innovation to your clientele that is how you become the first in your area who offers those services! After completing the training, they start working immediately! No additional training required!

10 types of techniques in 1 course became our Bestseller Course as it allows our students to satisfy the needs of any ladies or gents.In our course we also focus a lot on deep Explanation of work with male skin as well which differs in techniques as protocol for the best performance and result, due to the fact, our goal is to make mouth of talk works as fast as possible.

🚫 💉 With us you will receive The ability to work without medical education, replace the needle with a non-invasive one, but no less effective therapy.

👌 The latest methods that are just coming to the Russian and American market programs.

🚫 💰 We will teach you how to work without investing huge amounts into the machines / devices, you will understand where you can not overpay and get maximum results, and what exactly can you buy for further work with reasonable price, using your funds rationally.

⏱️ 🗣️ 20% theory, 👩‍🔬80% practice.

🎁 Marketing Lesson Because We Work with our Students.

The most intensive course in the history of Cosmetology throughout the UAE, which includes both basic and advanced training at the same time.

5 Major Steps of Education

STEP # 1

Every student receives the lessons and prepares the Lecture/Theory part at home which allows us to minimise time on it and to understand the practical part eventually in our academy much more easily. Secondly, it is more resultative to practice after passing the detailed protocol and realise on each step performance.

To read theory and start to study All Steps of this course Procedures - Permanent Eye Concealer Micropigmentation (Permanent Eye circle camouflaging / coverage as lots of people call it) information which is the latest World Trend as non invasive service + immediate result of absolute natural looking treatment and permanent solver for many people who have this particular defect, Meso face forming, hand & decolte lifting /anti-wrinkle, lip Hyaluron rejuvenation for ideal look is the idea of it to be able later in practical part in our academy without difficulties to practice knowing how indeed Meso Dr Pen machine works, what consists of, it is so interesting, the whole Science, Bestseller of Beauty Services nowadays and spreading trend so fast like speed of the thunder, for those who struggle with hair loss is ideal solution is Hair Meso which boosts ideally “sleeping” follicles in our Scalp and resultively work when guest takes 3-4 sessions - students study protocol of procedure in advance which is not complicated before attending Practical class, to cover freckles or pigmentation BB Glow Foundation (1 Year Result) is a great solution to “wake up and feel make up already is done”, Semi-Permanent Make up Beauty Spot is well known among Arabic and any loving have it, Botox of Face and lip Augmentation which makes look it fuller and the most important natural are performed without needles and great solution for ones who dislike to resort to injections and prefer less painless procedures are the HOTTEST treatment nowadays all over, all these treatments important to understand procedure of it’s steps before performing on models the same as Face Acne deep Cleanings, Massage Lifting / Buccali are the right manoeuvres for easier practice.

Last but not least, 21st Century innovation of Make Up which lasts for 6 months and create shape nose making it look thinner, Face Contouring to look always ready for the day without wasting time and semi-permanent Blush effect for a long period is definitely required preparations to understand its structure in details before master classes on models to overtake finally any competitor who do not offer outstanding services to their guests, due to this face, we highly recommend to our students take time to focus on its theory before the Hands on in Academy to sharpen the knowledge.


STEP # 2

After passing and reading theory at home, students join the academy for 5 whole days (very intensive days from morning till late evenings) Practical part on models to feel confident afterwards to work on clientele.The idea of practice is to set hand right till automatic movements.

“Practice Makes Perfect”

Students visit our Single Patented in UAE 3D Laboratory and study Easily on special 3D - 5D items where they have clear understanding on all and easier learning process which makes Practice is Fun and proper visualisation. Scientifically proven fact, that during imagination and visualisation the process of study is much more effective and interesting rather than learning Tasks by heart.


STEP # 3

« Every Student is like a child, must have 2 wings: Mother and Father to feel strong and confident. »

We provide our right wing of unlimited support lifelong to our Student in an online community where he/she can continue to grow, study and ask any questions related regards his future Clients talking and discussing with their colleagues from different countries mistakes, new trends, marketing tips or any difficult cases…

Join our Secret Closed 1st Beauty Academy Community Group and ask any questions related to your Clients if any appears or better advises.


STEP # 4

NO END to Opportunities

Join our Marketing and gain latest tricks / life-hacks on how to have more followers from social media channels organically, what in market works what does not, how to make Mouth of talk starts to work for you, what marketing instrument is currently the best and how operate it by yourself without assistance of any marketing companies at the beginning of your career, how to make best photo-shooting, how to start earning a lot and be able to close deals easily with hundreds of clientele requirements.

Our Student continues to practice and when is able to do works perfectly - have an opportunity to join our 1st WORLD Beauty Academy Worldwide to be for example our ambassador in his/her country or work / collaborate with us on very interesting profitable conditions (request to explain details on your consultation day with any of our advisers) franchise the company worldwide to be trained to become a trainer of our Academy in student’s country and participate with us in all Worldwide Congress / Conference / Competitions and one day even might be - Become a judger of Competition like many of our students have achieved.


STEP # 5

EXTRA STEPS Are FUN here & there WITH US

If the Student from other country-(always they must keep in mind) if any day/year they travel to Dubai they are welcome to Arrive any time in our Academy - Our doors are always opened and our FAMOUS STRAWBERRY 🍓 MONDAYS are always waiting for our students to come over for any doubts, meetings with their Master-Trainer or just spread positive mood of coming week together and share new ideas which going Around...


EXTRA STEPS Are FUN here & there WITH US

VISIT VISIT and one more time COME OVER to our YEARLY « NEW YEAR 🎉 or CHRISTMAS Party 🎄 🎅 « for more new friends, trying tasty festival treats, sharing new marketing ideas, funny memorable times with our Students who usually visit in lovely Christmas costumes for funny photos and having magical celebration time flying from all over the world, playing Raffles and many more S S S……. Definitely, finally, our custom-make the conclusion of the year-choosing the most active Student and GROUP of the YEAR which has lots of advantages with us in terms of career development!

P.S. All our Online Students will be informed about yearly Parties through secret closed groups and any year any time can join it feeling themselves in our place like at home.