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Wake UP And Make UP!
Can you imagine no more daily make up and at the same time looking natural having long lasting dermal Make up which indeed lasts.


Permanent versions of our favorite makeup products have been so popular in the past few years! The semi permanent makeup industry is thriving and it’s constantly developing and perfecting new methods for giving you your perfect makeup look in its long-lasting, waterproof version without tattooing it.

Hence, Dermal Make Up treatment  crucially  hyped up nowadays, as it replaced  Foundation, Blushing, Face Contouring, Nose Thinner and even Lip colour. Scientists in beauty industry and Estheticians took it a step further and came up with Dermal Make Up Services which will spread Worldwide more & more.

Why MAKE UP which stays long Will replace Usual Daily Make Up?

✅ ⏱️ In today’s World,Wherever a woman lives, from whatever Continent she is, less and less time she has as more and more women work these days.Why don’t save timing on daily Make Up especially when Dermal Make up gives the most natural Effect and in many cases even not possible to recognize that something was applied on skin.

✅ 👀 Secondly, Many women simply do not have a vision in make-up applications and to go daily for make-up artists is costly.
✅ 🌊 Can sweat, swim in the pool, sea, wash the face and look fantastic.

How Much Does Dermal Procedure in Different Countries Cost?

Firstly, not in every continent it still arrived,That’s the amazing chance for Estheticians to be the 1st one in breakthrough treatment and gain Fame and Name  in their Region.
In countries such as Russia and USA for face contouring is usually charged per session, and the average cost of a session is around $130-200. Full Make up for a long period treatment with Contouring, Nose thinner, Blush, lip and foundation can be up to 400$ per session. The price may vary, though, from $120 to as much as $400. It all depends on the exclusivity and the reputation of the studio/salon/spa.

Where is it allowed to perform this Service?

The best thing is that it is supposed to be a non-invasive treatment, hence, Medical education all over the world is not required to have and, that is why it is allowed to do the procedure from salons, spas, studios to Esthetician clinics, more and more salons worldwide add this sensational 21st century innovative Make up service in their lists.

What is the Dermal Make Up Procedure?

First, cocktails of foundation, blush, lip and contour are applied the face, and then, with nano needles  is used to implant it into the skin where it is also amazingly moisturizing the skin.This treatment is supposed to be an alternative to every day makeup application or semi-permanent makeup.

This treatment is a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure that uses highly effective tinted organic serums, applied by using a nano-needle or micro-needle to penetrate the skin. It stimulates skin rejuvenation and collagen production.

Contouring  is an all-in-1 treatment that will give you long-lasting Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Lip and Contour by inserting skin-tone tinted serums into the skin. Since the color goes into the skin rather than on top of it, it can’t be removed or washed off.
You won’t get maximum coverage, though, so it looks very natural.Think of the treatment as perfecting your complexion from within – your skin will be evened out, and clever color placement will give you the illusion of perfectly contoured features. That is what women today “Fight for natural Beauty” Unnaturally.


Durable Make Up Result is the latest cosmetic trend originating from South Korea and Singapore where flawless skin is a number one beauty must. Put simply, this serum, containing anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants, and vitamins, is safely applied into the uppermost layer of the skin using a nano needling technology, making the skin look naturally better immediately and for a long time.

How Is It Done?

Dermal cocktail contouring uses the technique of micro-needling, but with a twist.
Tinted cocktails in the shades you normally use for foundation, blush, nose thinner  and contouring are injected into the skin by creating tiny little channels with an electric micro/nano needling machine. The machine looks like a pen which has a tip made up of several needles. The needles go in and out, and as the machine is moved back and forth over the face, the serum is absorbed.

What the Age of the women resort to this procedure on average?

Funny to say not only women ask for that but even gents started to enquire about long lasting contour, dark
Pigmentation to cover, lightening eye canceler, nose thinner which is looking natural on face.
As far as this niche is brand new and only 4 years for now we perform it we noticed the most demanding is not only among women who are beautiful originally and wanna enhance them but also women who have defects on face as bigger nose, round faces, mature  skin, freckles to cover or pigmentation  asking for it, we would say age 25-56 as per our current statistic.


Long lasting  Contouring – How Many Sessions Required and how long does it last?

The longevity of the results depends primarily on how many sessions you had and how much the color was built up. With several sessions, the effects can last out a couple of months and for some people even up to a year-everything is very individual and depends on many factors which we discuss in our lessons.

If you like the look, you can maintain it by booking maintenance sessions every 6-7 months.
Usually packages are offered to the client as any client is always impressed with the first session result  and in order it stays half year and more they must proceed a couple of sessions.

Just like with any other PMU or Semi permanent treatment, the effects of long lasting make up contouring don’t last forever.
The greatest point is that when a client gets used to beautiful contouring, blushing etc they can’t live without it and definitely, come back for another package to maintain that look which they get used to seeing in the mirror.

Does Face look different after the effect of resilient make up contouring not visible?

The Face looks exactly as it was before applications as molecules/parts of cocktail are so tiny that  are gradually broken down by the body, so they are supposed to become invisible after some time.

Is it similar procedure with semi permanent services?

No, it is completely different and easy procedure where not required to train the shading part of the hand long time as with with pigments because of the fact cocktails which we implant are not staying under dermis deep and easily go out of the skin, in order not be faced with any unlucky results-all what is required to be a responsible master and follow the right protocol.

For the last 4 years using these cocktails, happy to share our statistics every 7th woman comes back for a new package losing the effect of long lasting beauty on her face.

Who performs and Trains this procedure in our Academy?

We highly believe that to study from eager beavers as trainers and Champions who have achieved some awards is a big promise that choice is right. That is why based on the status of trainers our school received an allowance to issue Advanced level certificates like no one around.
We work with exceptionally Russian Masters as by worldwide statistic 78% in field of Cosmetology there are Top Russian masters in all world Congresses, Competitions and Judgement-if you want to be the best study from besties.



6 Major Steps of Education

STEP # 1

Our Extra-Ordinary Patented 3D EXPLANATION of work using Realistic 3D items

The English Idiom says: »LEARN SOMETHING OFF BY HEART» which means learn something in such a way that you can say it from memory and this is what we highly  believe works for our students who can memorize based on 3D EFFECTS or unusual ITEMS EASILY and EFFECTIVELY.


STEP # 2 

Practice on Dummy Dolls, Mannequin to put student’s hand right when learning specific techniques.


STEP # 3

« Hard work beats any talent when Talent does not work hard »

Practice, practice, practice one more time practice on LIVE models .


STEP # 4

Every Student like a child, must have 2 wings: mother and father to feel strong and confident.

We provide our right wing of unlimited support lifelong to our Student in online community where he/she can continue to grow, study and ask any questions related his/her future Clients. Besides that, Our doors are always opened and our FAMOUS STRAWBERRY 🍓 MONDAYS are always waiting for our students to come over for any doubts, meetings with their Master-Trainer or just spread positive mood of coming week together and share new ideas which going Around …..


STEP # 5

(NO END to Opportunities)

Our Student continues to practice and when is ready -joins our 1st WORLD Beauty Academy Opportunities Worldwide to be our ambassador in his/her country or work/collaborate with us on very interesting profitable conditions, franchise the company worldwide to be trained to become a trainer of our Academy and participate with us in all Worldwide Congress/Conference/Become a judger of Competition.


STEP # 6

VISIT VISIT and one more time COME OVER to our YEARLY « NEW YEAR 🎉 🍾 or CHRISTMAS 🎅 Party « for more new friends, trying tasty festival treats, sharing new marketing ideas, funny memorable time with our Students who usually visit in lovely Christmas costumes for funny photos and having magical celebration time flying from all over the world, playing Raffles and many more S S S……. Definitely, finally, our custom-make the conclusion of the year-choosing the most active Student and GROUP of the YEAR which has lots of advantages with us in terms of career development !


What Makes Us Different in the Market of Semi Permanent Make Up WORLD and why do we have the biggest quantity of Students?

The longest Course in PMU worldwide market as “PRACTICE MAKES PEFECT” The Single Academy which Provides ADVANCED LEVEL of Education FREE aside of BEGINNER LEVEL (Student can cover any difficult cases and correct mistakes of bad done work even if she/he starts from the scratch studies with us)

“Pay only for Beginner Level, Get Advanced Level FREE” and all techniques in 1.
School Patented (2014) Extra-Ordinary but Effective 3D Way of Education based on 3D items which are the most memorable and resultative in easier understanding during practice. Patented Innovative Way of Learning through ONLINE but LIVE.
International certificate which has an individual barcode of the Student and Proves of its identity on the Government Website, where it can easily prove its registration Number to anyone.

Advanced Level of International Certificate because we work with Top Worldwide Masters. Opportunity to Work and Collaborate with us even if a student is from another country especially after our Supportive Marketing Lessons which we provide as a Gift 🎁
Hundreds of our Students became Worldwide champions in international Competitions. 🥇 🏆
The target of any new Master is not to lose any new Guest, to gain name in Market where we should not forget not every client comes to us with perfect lips without defects and to be able to cover any difficult skin as scar on lips, Huge Asymmetry, correction of previous bad done work by master or simply very dark melanin lips the ones who wish to lighten it and flatter it-To be able to do it requires long-lasting experience and many mistakes which our Masters had done, studied on them and now ready to open all their tips, secrets, life hacks and conclusions which they have done so far being in the Market.

The Goal of professional master is that any Client must come back after some period to repeat the service again, advise their friends, relatives your greatest service, indeed, it always happens when Master serves individually each Guest knowing all techniques and clearly use them in a right way, therefore, this work always would be Long-lasting, that's what clients expect as far as it is quite expensive service and pigment would never change the tint - just simply fade upon some time.
Due to this Fact,every student must take it seriously and réalise it is responsible work which requires deeply to be involved and concentrate on every aspect advancing their level then simple just basic knowledge.

Take your Make up  career to the next level with our all inclusive 2 in 1 Long-Lasting Make UP Course - Face Foundation + Face Concealer, Contour, Blush, Lip Colour (Beginner + Advanced) where you study ALL techniques for lip and even latest Trend Face Contour for MALE and FEMALE Guests.

We provide generous kits for FREE 🎁 and toppest grade worldwide branded products. Work on plenty of live models in class with the assistance and guidance of our experienced trainers/masters. Learn techniques to offer your clients different services after classes.
Our comprehensive training is top rated with the best reviews. Our priority is the success of our students and technical hands on training with live models & unmatched Lifelong support after Course.

Undoubtedly, UAE is the best Market to study Make Up which Stays long time as Nowhere in the world live so many different nationalities on whom a pleasure to train to know different skin tints, thickness and specific different cocktails which must be cooked for each of them either it is a Male or Female clientele.

“Education is only the Gift which no one can take away from you”

Course Includes


Generous Kit for Dermal Make Up, brand known dermal cocktails, additional needful staff and many more...



🏆 That is what we are PROUD to say-We are the 1 st and SINGLE UAE Beauty Academy which has the right to Issue the ADVANCED Level of International Certificate(not Just Basic) and Accredited  by USA and UAE Government Bodies.

Our Students can prove Worldwide that they study in a licensed school as they have their OWN BARCODE in Government Website in both Arabic and English languages.


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Reliable Support

3 in 1

  1. Lectures/Theory of both Levels Basic + Advanced of all «Long Lasting Make Up for Male & Female Guests.
  2. Practice on 3D Items, Dummy Dolls and Live Models.
  3. Lifelong Unlimited Support after Course.


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