Nail Technician Course

All Techniques Manicure + Pedicure with TOP RUSSIAN MASTERS

Become a KHDA Dubai Government Certified Nail Technician !

Advantages with us:



  • Limited Group Only as per company policy.
  • TOP Russian masters and international Trainers.
  • 90% Practical Part indoor of our Institute.
  • Unlimited Support after Course.
  • Free Kit with toppest Brands as Cnd Shellac.
  • Additional Marketing Lesson.

Techniques Included

✔ Manicure & Pedicure All Techniques 

Classic Type-Nail Drill (machine) & Filing Technique.
✔ Gellish application Shellac CND.
✔ Acrylic Nail Extension System Technique.
✔ 3D Acrylic Nail Art Technique.
✔ Gel Nail Extension Technique.
✔ Russian Style nail cleaning technique.
✔ Nail Dipping System Technique.



The History of Manicure / Pedicure

The word "manicure" is translated from Latin as "manus" - hand, "cure" - care. A complex of cosmetological actions aimed at improving the condition of the nail plate and hands, as well as improving their aesthetic appearance. The first manicure appeared over 5000 years ago. At that time, natural henna or charcoal was used to paint nails, and tools made of natural gold were used to process cuticles.

The nail color scheme was used for hierarchical selection. Pharaohs and other noble people painted long nails painted in bright colors. A little later, the slaves also received permission for manicure. They were allowed pale and subtle colors on short-cropped nails. Eastern women injected daily plant dyes into the matrix (nail root). In ancient Greece, manicurists never painted over nail lunulae, identifying it with the moon. Then for a long time, painted and long nails were considered bad form.

This was the distinction of fallen women, actresses, ladies of the demi-world and courtesans. In the 16th century, already AD, painted nails could be accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Parisian women cut their nails short and polished them to a shine with suede pads, using lemon juice to strengthen them. This method is relevant to this day.

The first real manicure kits came about thanks to Louis XV, who asked the court doctor to remove an inflamed burr. The doctor fulfilled the king's request and created a special set for nail care. At the beginning of the last century, manicure has strengthened its position. Various shades of varnishes began to appear.

They began to pack it in convenient bottles with a brush. Of course, not all women have long and beautiful nails. And then, quite by accident, medicine came to the rescue. An American dentist, in order to save his wife from the habit of biting her nails, began to apply acrylic on her nails. So is nail extension with acrylic. In 1976, American Jeff Pink proposed an alternative manicure to American producers.

Calling this nail color the beautiful phrase "French manicure". Gradually, acrylic nail extension is replaced by gel extension, which retains not only the flexibility of the nail, but also does not have such an unpleasant odor. Extension of nails gave a strong impetus to the development of nail art. Manicure masters began to embody unusual fantasies in creating a variety of designs using all kinds of materials. life is the most Recently, preference has been given to the natural length of the nail plate using calm shades of varnish.