Permanent Dark Circle Concealer Course (Online & Offline)

6 Major Steps of Education

STEP # 1

Our Extra-Ordinary Patented 3D EXPLANATION of work using Realistic 3D items

The English Idiom says: »LEARN SOMETHING OFF BY HEART» which means learn something in such a way that you can say it from memory and this is what we highly  believe works for our students who can memorize based on 3D EFFECTS or unusual ITEMS EASILY and EFFECTIVELY.


STEP # 2 

Practice on Dummy Dolls, Mannequin to put student’s hand right when learning specific techniques.


STEP # 3

« Hard work beats any talent when Talent does not work hard »

Practice, practice, practice one more time practice on LIVE models .


STEP # 4

Every Student like a child, must have 2 wings: mother and father to feel strong and confident.

We provide our right wing of unlimited support lifelong to our Student in online community where he/she can continue to grow, study and ask any questions related his/her future Clients. Besides that, Our doors are always opened and our FAMOUS STRAWBERRY 🍓 MONDAYS are always waiting for our students to come over for any doubts, meetings with their Master-Trainer or just spread positive mood of coming week together and share new ideas which going Around …..


STEP # 5

(NO END to Opportunities)

Our Student continues to practice and when is ready -joins our 1st WORLD Beauty Academy Opportunities Worldwide to be our ambassador in his/her country or work/collaborate with us on very interesting profitable conditions, franchise the company worldwide to be trained to become a trainer of our Academy and participate with us in all Worldwide Congress/Conference/Become a judger of Competition.


STEP # 6

VISIT VISIT and one more time COME OVER to our YEARLY « NEW YEAR 🎉 🍾 or CHRISTMAS 🎅 Party « for more new friends, trying tasty festival treats, sharing new marketing ideas, funny memorable time with our Students who usually visit in lovely Christmas costumes for funny photos and having magical celebration time flying from all over the world, playing Raffles and many more S S S……. Definitely, finally, our custom-make the conclusion of the year-choosing the most active Student and GROUP of the YEAR which has lots of advantages with us in terms of career development !


Permanent Dark Eye Circle Concealer!

What Makes Us Different in the Market of Permanent Make UP WORLD and why do we have the biggest quantity of Students?

  • The longest Course in PMU worldwide market as “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”
  • The Single Academy which Provides ADVANCED LEVEL of Education FREE aside of BEGINNER LEVEL (Student can cover any difficult cases and correct mistakes of bad done work even if she/he starts from the scratch studies with us)
  • “Pay only for Beginner Level, Get Advanced Level FREE” and all techniques in 1.
  • School Patented (2014) Extra-Ordinary but Effective 3D Way of Education based on 3D items which are the most memorable and resultative in easier understanding during practice.

  • Patented Innovative Way of Learning through ONLINE but LIVE.
  • International certificate which has an individual barcode of the Student and Proves of its identity on Government Website, where can easily to prove of its registration Number to anyone.
  • Advanced Level of International Certificate because we work with Top Worldwide Masters.
  • Opportunity to Work and Collaborate with us even if a student is from another country especially after our Supportive Marketing Lessons which we provide as a Gift 🎁
  • Hundreds of our Students became Worldwide champions in international Competitions. 🥇 🏆


The target of any new Master is not to lose any new Guest, to gain name in Market where we should not forget not every client comes to us with perfect face without defects and to be able to cover any difficult skin with complications, correction of previous bad done work by ex master or simply very dark melanin circles the ones who wish to lighten it and flatter it - To be able to do it requires long-lasting experience and many mistakes which our Masters had done, studied on them and now ready to open all their tips, secrets, life hacks and conclusions which they have done so far being in the Market.

The Goal of professional master is that any Client must come back after some period to repeat the service again, advise their friends, relatives your greatest service, indeed, it always happens when Master serves individually each Guest knowing all techniques and clearly use them in a right way, therefore, this work always would be Long-lasting, that's what clients expect as far as it is quite expensive service and serum-cocktail  would never change the tint -just simply slightly fade upon some time.

Due to this Fact, every student must take it seriously and realise it is responsible work which requires deeply to be involved and concentrate on every aspect advancing their level then simple just basic knowledge.

Take your PMU career to the next level with our all inclusive Permanent Dark Eye circle Concealer + Marketing Lesson “Aesthetician of 21st Century” (Beginner + Advanced levels) where you study ALL techniques for both genders MALE and FEMALE Guests.

We provide generous kits for FREE 🎁 and toppest grade worldwide branded serum-cocktails.Work on live models in class with the assistance and guidance of our experienced trainers/masters. Learn techniques to offer your clients different services after classes.

Our comprehensive training is top rated with the best reviews. Our priority is the success of our students and technical hands on training with live models & unmatched Lifelong support after Course.

Undoubtedly, UAE is the best Market to study Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment  as Nowhere in the world live so many different nationalities on whom a pleasure to train to know different skin tints and specific different cocktails which must be cooked for each of them either it is a Male or Female clientele.



(On Student’s choice)

Our Top International Trainer Twice worldwide champion who is this industry more than 22 years created the cocktail which was spread allover the world and thousands of Clinics/Studios/PMU salons added this breakthrough innovation in their services especially in African, Asian and Middle Eastern Countries where Population indeed has this issue.

Men and Women resort to this procedure to look fresher, flattering, enhancing their beauty.

Does it required to have medical education?

-No, As it relates to Semi permanent make up Procedure worldwide.

Does it possible to study from Scratch without Shading knowledge?

-Yes, Under strict supervision of a Top Master and focus of a Student.

Does it required to do often?

-No, This procedure is done once and consists of couple sessions to achieve the most natural result. Might after 5 years it can be slightly refreshed to bring new shyness and freshness  to the look with only 1 session.

Is it painful?

-It is not as like all mostly skin procedures it is performed with primary Anesthesia.

Is it demanding procedure?

-It is 21st innovation service which works ideally for all skin types, demanding and performed not only dark circles but can cover freckles on face also ideally. It is brand new hugest market which spreads allover with the speed of the thunder and helped thousands of people feel confident and brighter in different continents.

Doesn’t it heal fake?

-Following the Right Protocol it will be healed invisibly and enhance the beauty of the person. After some years 1 additional session can be added but not always.

How long does the Procedure Take time ?

-Not more than 30 min. 

Is it pigment implanted into the skin like Tattoo?

-It is not clear pigment does this work. It is liquid based serum camouflaging cocktail does this work.

Should I Sell packages or per session?

-It is always multiple journey of procedure, it is always recommended to sell by packages where usually clientele are very happy with final results of skin Neutralization and spread the word about it to their relatives/friends.

How can I Start The Training?

-Upon registration our person in Charge evaluates if a student completely New in semi permanent Make up as Shading skills or has the knowledge then individual program is set and craftmaster starts to follow with a student teaching all Parts of The course where also Live scheduled Online meetings take Part for the best evaluation of student’s progress on new skills.Receiving the Kit to start to work on live models after passing Theory and shading part on fake 3D Skin.

Can I Work with the Academy or make some beneficial deals which can support me in my beginnings or even if I have my own business?

-Our Academy collaborates and works with students very tightly and based on very profitable conditions either student from abroad or living locally, online meetings can be arranged with our coordinator to explain individually how our collaboration can be useful for both sides in specific cases.

Will I have support after finishing the Course?

-Unlimited support would be provided any time in case of any questions  and aside of it to book online meeting scheduled in advance with A Top master also would be possible.



Course Includes


Generous Kit for Dark Spots work, brand known products, additional needful staff and many more...



🏆 That is what we are PROUD to say-We are the 1 st and SINGLE UAE Beauty Academy which has the right to Issue the ADVANCED Level of International Certificate(not Just Basic) and Accredited  by USA and UAE Government Bodies.

Our Students can prove Worldwide that they study in a licensed school as they have their OWN BARCODE in Government Website in both Arabic and English languages.


Marketing Material

Flyers and marketing material to advertise your new services.


Reliable Support

3 in 1

Our secret Group Community will assist with all doubts/questions in the future
Lifelong Unlimited Support after Course.


Consent Forms

All the client consent forms you need compliant with universal health standards.


Hands-On Training

Work on live models in class with the guidance of a trainer or Online with a strict supervision of Top master who also joins on Live Scheduled Individual Online Meetings aside of Craftmaster online support.


Marketing Tricks

How to market yourself to be successful in this field.