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LPG® Mecano Stimulation

With LPG® Mecano Stimulation We Target The Main Causes Of Aging By Reactivating Fibroblast Functions & Circulatory Exchanges, Aiming To Improve Cutaneous Homeostasis & Trophicity.

Principle Of Action

ERGOLIFT Treatment Head Combines Sequential Aspiration With Dynamic Motorized Flaps To Stimulate All Thin Tissues Of Face, Neck, Decollete, & Hands.

Rejuvenation From Within

  • Smooth Wrinkles And Fine Lines
  • Remove Sign of Puffy Eyes
  • Drain Skin Toxins
  • Stimulate Endogenous Collagen, Elastin And Hyaluronic Acid Synthesis
  • Release Double Chin Fat
  • Boost Vascularization
  • Reduce Bags And Dark Circles
  • Remove Visibility Of Wrinkles On Decollate / Hands
  • Magnificently Glow And Contour The Skin
  • Redesign Oval

Strongest man of Planet with us on his LPG session

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of Our Services Include

Beauty Academy 

Training Institute

( 1st UAE Beauty Academy )

Tanning Studio

( Sunbeds & Tan Spray )

Slimming Studio

( Lpg & Hypoxi, Weight Loss Of Targeted Areas, Fat & Anti-Cellulite Redemption, Contour and Body Shaping )

Rehabilitation Centre

( LPG Water Retention, Lymphatic Drainage, Before & After Liposuction Care, Body Contour & Lifting, Acne Removal, Scar Removal, Pigmentation Removal, Reduction Of Bags And Dark Circles, Release Double Chin )

Beauty Salon

( All Services Available )


( All Types Of Body Care-Massages, Wrapping & Moroccan Bath, Medically Educated Staff )

Gents Salon

( All Services Available )

Permanent Makeup Studio/Academy

( MicroBlading & Permanent Make-up Studio, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, Tattoo Removal )

Aesthetic Face & Body Machines

( Lpg Face-lift, Wrinkle & Fine Lines, Double Chin, Scar & Acne, Pigmentation Removal, Frackles Removal, Redemption Bags & Dark Circles, Redesign Oval, Hair Lazer Removal, Collagen Body & Face Boost )