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Even with exercise and intense diet, a beautiful figure cannot always be achieved. This is because your body only burns fat which it can easily access.

Your body will not burn fat in areas where blood circulation is poor. Diet and exercise do not always reduce cellulite either. It is established that weight loss and muscle building do not necessarily improve the texture of your skin. In order to shape your figure and smooth your skin, problematic areas of your body need to be targeted. This is exactly how HYPOXI® Training works – it combines vacuum and compression technology with gentle exercise and healthy nutrition to target stubborn fat.

HYPOXI® Training has been consistently shown to yield amazing results after just a few sessions.

Which program – S120 or L250 or Vacunaut®?

The S120 and L250 target the lower stomach, hips, buttocks, and thighs, while the Vacunaut® targets the belly and love handle. Fantastic news, but which is best for you?

FACTS about “the problem”:
  • Women are predisposed to store fat in the lower stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs and 85% of women find it hardest to lose weight from these areas (its not your fault!)
  • Men are predisposed to gain weight around the waist (again not your fault!)
In studies over a 4 week period it was proven that:
  • “With regard to fat in the targeted zones, HYPOXI® is significantly superior to a conventional workout. HYPOXI® is a scientific method for fat reduction on these problems areas.”
  • It is possible to achieve an average loss of 13.1cm with HYPOXI® S120 and L250, compared to an average of 4.8cm using a conventional bicycle
  • An average loss of 9.4cm with HYPOXI® Vacunaut, compared to 2.9cm on a regular treadmill

Your HYPOXI® Solutions:

The S120, L250 and Vacunaut® offer similar end results and benefits:
  • Quick 30-minute session
  • Personalized program and closely monitored heart rate and progress
  • Fat loss and cellulite reduction around the belly, buttocks, hips and thighs (S120 and L250)
  • Targeted fat loss around the abdomen (Vacunaut)
S120 Perfect for:
  • Regular exercisers struggling to lose those stubborn last kilos
  • Clients who suffer from severe cellulite and fluid retention
  • Achieve your weight loss goals and maintain your results

While you exercise, and catch up on the latest papers or magazines, gentle negative and positive vacuum pressure is applied to supercharge your workout and specifically target fat and reduce that cellulite.

L250 Perfect for:
  • Clients who do not enjoy hard gym sessions but still want to lose those kilos
  • Clients who suffer from severe cellulite and fluid retention
  • All clients irrespective of their fitness level, age or size

L250 applies advanced vacuum therapy to those specific areas and stimulates the transportation of fatty acids out of the problem areas and promotes elimination of toxins.

The recline position of the L250 is designed for your comfort and is ideal for people weighing over 90 kilos who have back problems and those who are finding it hard to get active again.

Vacunaut® Perfect for:
  • Apple shaped women with excess fat around the stomach and waist
  • Men wanting to lose their “beer belly”
  • Women struggling to loose their “baby fat”
  • Post-menopausal women targeting stomach fat
  • Clients wanting to define abs for professional or amateur competition

Central to the success of Vacunaut® is the complex network of 122 integrated pressure chambers that work on your midsection during your session while you watch DVDs or read.

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