Tanning Studio

Sunbed Machine (Solarium Vertical)

Gain Vitamin D collagen during a session: Our latest innovation!
Get the right look, get the right tan with our boothing machines.
Our specialists will help you to reach the brilliant tan maximum in 4-8 sessions according to your phototype.

You don’t need to call in order to make the appointment
You have the most sanitary way to achieve perfect tan.

Packages of Sunbed:

  • Buy 5-Get 1 Free
  • Buy 6-Get 2 Free
  • Unlimited 1 Year Pass (Unlimited Minutes, Collagen Free)

Frequently Asked Questions


Tan Spray

TAN SPRAY is immediate Tan in only 30 min, only 1 session is required. The American brand offers

The best solution for a quick and organic TAN SPRAY Based on aloe vela and other plants no yellow spots, no fake look.

We offer a huge variety of body lotions according to the level of the skin complexion. Do a scrub body or Moroccan Bath before your tan spray for best results!

Packages Of Organic Tan Spray:

  • Buy 3 Tan Spray Sessions and Get once Moroccan bath (Scrub) Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Googles, Disposable staff, Freshly-squeezed juices, Towels, Shower, Stickers for nipples, Hair buns are free of charge. Huge variety of body accelerators which gives very natural Glow.

Some Of Our Services Include

Beauty Academy 

Training Institute

( 1st UAE Beauty Academy )

Tanning Studio

( Sunbeds & Tan Spray )

Slimming Studio

( Lpg & Hypoxi, Weight Loss Of Targeted Areas, Fat & Anti-Cellulite Redemption, Contour and Body Shaping )

Rehabilitation Centre

( LPG Water Retention, Lymphatic Drainage, Before & After Liposuction Care, Body Contour & Lifting, Acne Removal, Scar Removal, Pigmentation Removal, Reduction Of Bags And Dark Circles, Release Double Chin )

Beauty Salon

( All Services Available )


( All Types Of Body Care-Massages, Wrapping & Moroccan Bath, Medically Educated Staff )

Gents Salon

( All Services Available )

Permanent Makeup Studio/Academy

( MicroBlading & Permanent Make-up Studio, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, Tattoo Removal )

Aesthetic Face & Body Machines

( Lpg Face-lift, Wrinkle & Fine Lines, Double Chin, Scar & Acne, Pigmentation Removal, Frackles Removal, Redemption Bags & Dark Circles, Redesign Oval, Hair Lazer Removal, Collagen Body & Face Boost )