Permanent Makeup Treatment

Permanent Makeup Treatment

Before you know what our Award Winning Centers / Academy is about creating Top Permanent Make-up / Microblading, We suggest getting acquainted with its founder. So, Who is Kateryna Medyanyk? This first lady is the founder of branches Naturopathy Touch who practices herself only on creating tattoo where Its first steps in this area were made in the distant 2011. Where later herself as A makeup artist became an International master for teaching advanced courses of existing masters.


What is Tattoo Makeup?

Tattoo Makeup is a term used many years ago firstly in Japan when pigments and application methods were quite different to today. The right modern term is Cosmetic Micropigmentation or Semi-permanent makeup / Microblading. All of which use semi-permanent pigments implanted into the upper skin, in the Middle East, where the sun is strong, treatments usually last for 2-3 years. In cooler countries, semi-permanent make-up can last for up to 4-5 years. We highly recommend a top up every 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh and beautiful. Consultations are free of charge and take about 15 minutes. All treatments are performed exceptionally at the Rehabilitation Centres.


What is Our Goal?

To prove everyone that Permanent Make up is a part of Natural Beauty, which just enhances it! Natural hair technology – this is the main highlight of the tattoo Naturopathy Rehabilitation Centers.

There are many salons or studios which provide services for creating tattooing. Many reputable beauty salons offer this service, which can mislead potential customers as firstly its done in beauty Salon not Medical Centres. It is difficult to determine how skillfully the master owns this or that technique and whether she will be able to create a make-up of a dream. When visiting the Centers of Naturopathy these problems remain outside the door. A creative idea turns into a beautiful reality.


What Are The Advantages Of Tattooing Made In Our Rehabilitation Centers?

  1. Naturalness – all masters specialize in techniques that allow you to create natural eyebrows, lips, neat makeup eyelids,scalp micropigmentation.Each stroke is aimed at improving the natural beauty, rather than reworking it. You’ll never see decorative arrows and blue-black eyebrows with us.
  2. Long service life – only proven world-wide pigment brands are used which make it possible to extend the life of the make-up.
  3. No painful feelings during procedure.
  4. No “surprise” of Bad done work as on consultation Day would be use digital Naturopathy Platform which allows to see many different shapes/colors on client’s face through computer together with manual design done itself on the face with silky pencil/pigment choose.
  5. Affordable cost. Given the many years of experience of Kateryna Medyanyk, many women choose exactly her affiliates. Thousands of clients know what Naturopathy’s Rehabilitation Centres are and what it means to be sure of the durability of her natural make-up in any situation. Many visitors to the Centres leave their feedback on the Internet and among them there are many positive experiences.


Why Should You Do A Procedure?

  • Not to waste time in the mornings applying make up
  • Who cares of a look during swimming, sauna, jacuzzi, gym
  • Busy lifestyles and little time to apply makeup
  • After cancer to look beautiful
  • People whose occupation/ lifestyle cannot easily wear makeup (Ex: athletes, swimmers, chef)
  • Alopecia Sufferers (Hair loss)
  • Vision Problems and unable to apply makeup easily
  • People who have allergic reactions to conventional makeup
  • Anyone who desires freedom from conventional makeup
    but still want to look their best and define their natural beauty
  • People who seek a correction of their facial features
  • Those that have suffered burns/ scarring following an accident or injury


Eyeliner Enhancement

Eyeliner Enhancement an introduction to semi permanent makeup. Semi permanent make up pigment is applied to the tiny gaps between the lashes creating a solid lash line,which emphasises the eyes look. Touch up Free within 2 months.


“Wake up and Makeup”
Eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colors, from soft,dramatic or natural-looking lash enhancement to a defined line.Some choose both upper & lower lines suits them the best while others do one of them. Whatever look you choose you will wake up, shower,sauna,jacuzzi,gym,work, swim, and go to bed always looking your best,which are smudge free and always perfect. Shadow effect can add more dramatic look. Touch up Free within 2 months.


Beauty Spot

Can be done in a chosen size, shape, color and in the desired location



“Eyebrows Speak Louder Than Words”

Microblading, hair by hair and nanoblading/3D effect permanent make up are perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows,make it wider ,specially for those who just want to add a slight arch are also great candidates, suffering from alopecia, as the results are a natural, amazing fringe.

After a month we might recommend a touch-up to most customers where we can add strokes or correct the color tint to the best spot. Treatment time is around 2 hours. Our eyebrow treatments are the most popular and perfect for anyone who cares about time saved not having to pencil every day is worth the treatment cost alone. Eyebrow procedures available: Natural Hairstokes, Dusting for more emphasizing & Block. Touch up Free within 2 months.


Full Lip Color

For a truly subtle and beautiful cosmetic effect. Semi-permanent makeup is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips. With the skilled application, lips can look fuller and more shapely. Redefine your lips in only one treatment!

Touch Up Free Within 2 Months

Lip Contour Line Contouring Lip Liner This is a great lip treatment that offers a definition as well as creating fullness with shading to contour the lips for a sexier appearance and make it look wider on your choice.


  • Looks wider in case of narrow lips
  • Prevents lipstick bleeding
 Disguises the appearance of fine lines around the mouth
- Over time lips lose their shape and by applying a natural contoured line a younger look can be achieved.
  • Camouflages the scars or pigmentation.
  • Redefine the shape of your lips.


Lip Blush / 3D Effect

Naturopathy lip blush semi-permanent makeup treatment looks so ideal for people with thin, pale or blue lips. The process is the same as Lip Colour, however, more subtle pigments are applied using a dusting needle. This gives more of a wash of color.

Lighter colors do fade considerably often needing up to several sessions. Darker colors are far better for lasting visible results. Treatment time depends on the size and fullness of the lips. Touch up Free within 2 months.


Scalp Micropigmentation

Our consultations are 100% free, no obligation and extremely informative. You will find out if this solution is the right one for you.

Don’t Wait To Make The First Move To Improve Your Life


Using the best scalp micropigmentation techniques we bring back natural looking hairlines and scalp coverage. We take special care to create the perfect look to your specifications and ensure you walk out the door feeling amazing and ready to take on the world.

The best artist in the industry Period. Don’t take a chance on something so important. Come to a proven master artist and get the job done right. Kateryna has improved countless lives. Make yours the next.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

AN INNOVATIVE NEW SOLUTION FOR THE LOOK OF A FULLER HEAD OF HAIR NON-SURGICAL | NO MAINTENANCE | NO RECOVERY TIME A Safe and Natural-Looking Alternative for Hair Restoration. Available at select locations only. Inquire within. Ideal for women with diffused thinning, often non-candidates for hair transplantation. Scalp Micro Pigmentation provides the appearance of a more fuller head of hair. Great for hiding patches where the scalp is visible through your hair. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP®) is an innovative, solution that replicates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Our Specially trained practitioners apply a proprietary formula of pigment (ink) to the scalp with micro-fine needles to create thousands of tiny impressions, giving the illusion of hair, similar to the artist’s technique of stippling. This affordable solution can also be used to enhance an existing hair restoration or provide an alternative to individuals who want a non-medical, non-surgical treatment suitable for all types of hair loss.

Who Can Benefit From It?

Men and women wanting the appearance of added hair density People with shaved heads that desire hairline definition Alopecia sufferers Those who want to camouflage burns, scars or birthmarks Non-candidates for hair transplantation.

What Naturopathy SMP PROMISE?

At Naturopathy, our physicians and SMP practitioners care at the highest level to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. In the unlikely event that you need an extra touch up or enhancement within your first year of treatment, pending physician evaluation and approval Naturopathy promises one free complementary session.


The Consultation

A FREE consultation that lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour. We will discuss your wants, needs and set expectations. If agreed upon, we will then set up your appointment for your initial treatment.

The Initial Treatment

The initial treatment will take between 1-4 hours depending on the degree of baldness or thinning hair. We will fill in all areas of the scalp until we reach total coverage and hair density. Review aftercare thoroughly.

The 2nd Treatment

Your second treatment will be approx. 7 days after your initial treatment, and consists of adding texture and density to the initial treatment until full hair density is reached. Your second treatment will take approx. 1-2 hours.

The Final Treatment (If necessary)

Your final treatment consists of adding more texture and density to the scalp, if necessary.


Tattoo Removal

Permanent make-up removal is an essential procedure for anyone who is sad with their permanent or semi permanent tatoo/microblading treatment. People contact us in a desperate state, not knowing what to do with their new eyebrows that have turned green or blue,shape or position of which is wrong,body tatoo colour changes or simply fed up with the old picture on it. Unfortunately,cheap body tattoo or cosmetic inks change colour over time and when it‘s performed by not a skillful enough master.There are thousands of stories which we hear from our guests regards it. Thus,the award-winning unique method is used in our Rehabilitation Centres which can correct and realign to the look you require.

How Is Procedure Performed?

The treatment has been extensively researched,developed,proved by scientists and tested for over ten years, and is being used worldwide. The treatment utilizes similar methods as having the original tattoo. The removal formula is delivered to the ink using a tattoo or permanent make-up machine, therefore the treatment can only be performed by a trained tattoo or permanent make up artist or medical professional. The extraction cream is specifically designed to blend with and capture the original tattoo ink. The formula then forms into a thicker substance which the skin easily pushes out in the form similar to a scab, taking the captured tattoo ink with it. A number of treatments are normally required to completely remove a tattoo. After the treatment course is finished the skin should return to its natural state over a period of months.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Safer in folds then Lazer which leaves pigment in the body. “We Fight for Natural way”
  • This treatment is substantialness painful than other removal methods and the treatment course and subsequent tattoo removal is much faster and more effective than laser removal options.
  • No need to avoid direct sunlight after treatment ( as requires with laser ) and aftercare is relatively simple.
  • Much faster u Get final result (than Laser) as interval of sessions are not long.
  • The treatment is not color selective (unlike laser) and acts on all color pigments equally.

Usually a tattoo can be removed in 2-4 treatments. It takes between six to eight weeks for the treated area to heal sufficiently between treatments. This allows a tattoo to be removed in a matter of months. Laser treatment takes much longer.

There are so many clinics over a decade who change their Laser removal treatments on a safe and fast way of treatment.

We see hundreds of our clients with ideal results from this procedure with often 100% removal of the tattoo or microblading / semi-permanent makeup / procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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