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Collagen Machines are super famous among lots of  Hollywood Stars as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, to lighten the skin or it s called Led peeling we use the same old-fashioned but renewed way which has  visible results and at the same time moisturizes the skin which is rare enough when we peel the epidermis of skin.Thanks to the technologies of 21st Century, which creates miracles and add glitters to our hearts.Doctors and scientists of all times resort to the same formula.

Photocare Mashine which is consist of hundreds Led lights and has 600 nanometers of waves assist to boost much deeply the anti-acne ingredients itself into the skin as deeper as possible which non of cremes would be….

Plenty of medical institutions,doctors worldwide highly recommend to use this type of mashines from many diseases.

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Some Of Our Services Include

Beauty Academy 

Training Institute

( 1st UAE Beauty Academy )

Tanning Studio

( Sunbeds & Tan Spray )

Slimming Studio

( Lpg & Hypoxi, Weight Loss Of Targeted Areas, Fat & Anti-Cellulite Redemption, Contour and Body Shaping )

Beauty Salon

( All Services Available )


( All Types Of Body Care-Massages, Wrapping & Moroccan Bath, Medically Educated Staff )

Gents Salon

( All Services Available )

Permanent Makeup Studio/Academy

( MicroBlading & Permanent Make-up Studio, Scalp Micro Pigmentation. )

Aesthetic Face & Body Machines

( Lpg Face-lift, Wrinkle & Fine Lines, Double Chin, Scar & Acne, Pigmentation Removal, Frackles Removal, Redemption Bags & Dark Circles, Redesign Oval, Collagen Body & Face Boost )